7% Glycolic Acid Toner

7% Glycolic Acid Toner

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What Are Alpha Hydroxy Acids?
Alpha-hydroxy acids are commonly found and isolated from fruits of all sorts. That is why they are referred to as fruit acids. For example, malic acid is found in apples, citric acid can be isolated from most citrus fruits and glycolic acid is commonly found in honey and sugar cane. Lactic acid is found in milk that has soured and Tartaric acid can be isolated from fermented grapes (wine).

Glycolic Acid is a powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acid that is naturally derived from sugar cane. It will slough off dead skin cells revealing smoother, softer, and brighter skin. Glycolic acid is said to treat scarring, skin discoloration and signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic Acid is one of the strongest Alpha Hydroxy Acids and isn't recommended for sensitive skin.

Saturate a cotton pad with toner and gently pat into skin, avoiding eye area. Do not rinse off. If persistent irritation occurs, discontinue use. Apply once per day, ideally in the PM. Use after cleansing but before moisturizing. You might feel a slight tingling sensation and flushed appearance at first but it typically will subside within minutes. Always do a patch test on hand or arm before applying a new product, especially if you have sensitive skin.

**Sunscreen should be worn over areas of application if spending lengthy periods in the sun as it could intensify the sun rays into the skin at a faster rate.

Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Liquid, Rose Hydrosol, Glycolic Acid, Propanedoil, Glycerin, Panthenol, Chamomile Extract, Optiphen Plus, Sodium Hydroxide.

PH- 3.5-4